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Explore Black History with our memory and matching cards!

Try our 5-Star Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 52-card deck, packed with extreme fun and an educational journey into American History. Uncover the stories that were Hidden From Us!

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Great cards! I love playing and learning with me kids.


Thank you very much for the awesome card game sharing the amazing info about the things that’s been hidden from us. What an amazing gift you have in uncovering the hidden things in the African American community.
God bless you


We have so many hidden heroes and heroines that we could have several thousand decks of cards. I have a suggestion. Grab the book “ Black People Invented Everything “ by Sujan Dass. That would be a great start.

Uncover Black History:
Educational Fun with Hidden From Us Matching & Memory Cards
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How many Black History facts do you know?

Hidden From Us memory and matching cards were designed for extreme fun.

They also help kids and adults with their cognitive skills, while enhancing their knowledge of black men and women who’ve made notable achievements in American History.

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✅ Educational Purposes Focus

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